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35 Total Records
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Toll Free Number
001. 800-3-HAIR-UP
002. 800-4-EZ-HAIR
003. 800-450-HAIR
004. 800-55-HAIRS
005. 800-9-HAIRLINE
006. 800-99-HAIRPIECE
007. 800-BALD-HAIR
008. 800-EZ-GROWING
009. 800-GO-HAIRLINE
010. 800-GUY-HAIR
011. 800-HAIR-AID
012. 800-HAIR-DAY
014. 800-HAIR-GREAT -- Please check state availability
016. 800-I-GO-GREY
017. 800-MY-HAIRY
018. 800-PLUG-CENTER
019. 800-TO-GROW-HAIR
020. 866-ALL-HAIR
021. 866-HAIR-24-7
022. 866-HAIR-ACE
023. 866-HAIR-GIRL
024. 866-HAIR-PLAN
025. 866-HAIR-SPA
026. 866-LASER-HAIR
028. 877-FAST-HAIR
029. 877-GOT-HAIR
030. 877-HAIR-911 -- Please check state availability
031. 877-HAIR-DIAL
032. 877-HAIR-WRAP
033. 877-HEY-HAIR
034. 877-MY-HAIRLINE and 877-MY-HAIRLOSS
035. 888-SET-HAIR

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